My dad is looking forward to cranking the air conditioning down south

After twenty-four years working for the postal service, our dad has finally made the move to go ahead plus retire! He’s been living here up north all his life plus he is rather sick of the ice, snow, plus ice-cold temperatures! Every year when the weather starts cooling off, our dad gets into a rotten mood plus he stays that way until the Springtime.

He says that freezing temperatures make him miserable, plus I truly believe him! He keeps talking about moving south whenever he retires, but I have always thought that he was only blowing smoke.

Then, I found out that he has made an offer on a residence plus he’s moving next month when he retires! I can’t believe it, but he’s incredibly happy about it so I am happy for him. He told me that he’s most happy about the fact that he’s absolutely never going to have to pay another heating bill for the remainder of his life. In the part of the country where he’s moving, it’s considered a cold snap if the temperature dips below 77 degrees. My dad basically says that he’s really looking forward to using an air conditioner machine for once in his life instead of typically making sure that his oil furnace is operating fine. I sincerely am going to miss him, but I at least know that he will prefer living where the weather is always pleasantly warm plus sunny. I am a tad bit jealous of him, to be honest. He told me that he was moving on the same day that every one of us were getting a new oil furnace installed in our residence. It just made me completely realize that I’m going to be stuck paying these outrageous heating bills throughout this Winter, too!