My father is going to enjoy living in the South

After some twenty years particularly working for the postal service, our father has finally made the choice to go ahead & retire.

He’s been living here up north all his life & he is extremely sick of the ice, snow, & frigid temperatures.

Every year when the weather actually begins cooling off, our father gets into a pretty horrible mood & he stays that way until the Springtime. He says that frigid temperatures make him absolutely crabby, & I easily believe him! He keeps talking about moving south whenever he retires, but I have always thought that he was just blowing steam. Just recently though, I found out that he has made an offer on a dwelling & he’s moving next month when he retires! I can’t easily believe it, however he’s super gleeful about it & so I am totally thrilled for him. He told me that he’s most gleeful about the fact that he’s truly never going to have to pay another heating bill for the rest of his days. In the area of the country where he’s moving, it’s considered a cold snap if the temperature actually falls below 68 degrees. My father says that he’s legitimately looking forward to using an a/c appliance for once in his life instead of constantly making sure that his oil heating appliance is running properly. I am sincerely going to miss him, but I know that he will enjoy living where the weather is always hot & sunny. I am sort of jealous of him, to be perfectly honest. He told me that he was moving on the same afternoon that we were getting a modern oil furnace installed in our dwelling. It just made me realize that I’m going to be stuck paying costly heating bills throughout this frigid season, too!

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