Car with no AC

I have a job interview scheduled for next week. I could not believe that I was going to finally get a new job. I really do not like my current job and this has been an idea for a long time. As the summer months rolled around, I knew that I would have to spend the money to get the air conditioner in my car repaired. Last summer, the driver side vents stopped blowing cold air. I was so frustrated with this. I took the car in to be serviced at a nearby automotive air conditioner repair shop. The man told me that there was a leak somewhere and that the air conditioner needed more refrigerant. He added this to my car and the air conditioner was working for about a year. WIth a job interview coming up, I did not want to have to drive to my interview in a hot car. There is nothing worse than showing up nervous and sweating to an interview. It was so frustrating to me that the air conditioner in my car stopped blowing cold air on the driver side. Why couldn’t it have been on the passenger side? The lack of cold air was starting to bother me. The hotter and more humid the days became, the grumpier and more frustrated I got with the AC in my car. I decided to have the AC replaced in my car. I hope I get the job so that I can pay this debt off!


a/c workman