New air conditioner at the office

My company recently purchased a new HVAC system for the entire office building.

We were having some issues with our previous HVAC system.

Most of the time, the air conditioner did not work correctly in the office. A lot of our clients complained and left due to the uncomfortable temperature in our building. The building is very old and we knew that the AC would need to be replaced sooner than later. In the middle of the summer, the air conditioner stopped turning on. The office became hot quickly and I knew we had to act fast. As the office manager, I took it into my own hands to contact a local HVAC company to come out and rectify this as quickly as possible. When the HVAC technician arrived, he explained that the problem was beyond repair and he suggested that we have the entire system replaced. I was not looking forward to this phone call with my boss. She does not work in the same building as I do, but she is aware of the problems we have with the HVAC system in this building. For most people, it would be common sense to send the staff home until the problem was fixed, but she insisted that everyone stay in the office and wait for the air conditioner to be repaired. I knew this would take a long time to repair and it was getting hotter and hotter everyday. She did not seem to care that we would be sitting in the heat and working with angry clients. The HVAC company did the replacement quickly.

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