I accidentally broke my HVAC unit

Sometimes I do dumb things.

Sometimes my wife has to warn me about doing dumb things and I am too stubborn and thick headed to listen.

My most recent act of stupidity is “accidentally” breaking the air conditioner. Now it is going to cost me a pretty price to get it fixed and running again. Breaking it wasn’t exactly an accident, the darn thing stopped putting out cold air, and of all the times it could have done this, it chose the hottest day of the year after I had just come inside after working in the yard for hours. My wife told me we should call the HVAC company nearby and have them take a look at it. I told her no way and that those guys don’t know anything more than I do and that I can repair it myself. I looked at her and she obviously didn’t believe me but said nothing. Then I proceeded to do the ultimate stupid deed of the day, I was frustrated and I kicked the air conditioning barefooted. All that did was hurt my big toe, but nope I still hadn’t learned because I did it again and got the same result. I even gave the air conditioner a pep talk. I told it that it should be a good HVAC unit and please give me the much needed cool air. Still nothing. I kicked it one more time, screamed as my foot made contact and saw the A/C completely die. My wife called me a moronic man child. Now here I am today stuck paying the bill for the HVAC technician to actually fix my broken air conditioning system.