I needed the cool air conditioning to help me get a tan.

I spent ten hours working in the hot summer sun with no sunblock last weekend.

  • I’m olive skinned and don’t really burn.

Instead I got a beautiful golden tan on my arms. I decided that I want that tan all over. Now, I know that they say sunbathing is not good for you and excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, but, I decided that just this once, I would cover myself with a golden tan. I had no wish to go to a tanning salon. Why pay for what the sun provides for free? So, I decided to put on my bathing suit and hit the yard. I was out there maybe fifteen minutes. It was the middle of summer and really hot, and I had to go inside and cool off in the air conditioning. I set the thermostat at 70 degrees and turned the ceiling fan in the living room on high. It took me all day to work on this tan, even with sun tan excelerator. I would go outside for a few minutes and then go back inside to cool off in the air conditioning. Now I understand why the kids run in and out all summer long. You really can’t do much outside, even laying out, before you really need to cool off in the air conditioning. It did literally take me all day to get what I thought was a beautiful golden tan, because of my need to keep coming in and cooling off in the air conditioning, but I got what I wanted and I am happy with it.


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