I needed to have my A/C replaced

As of lately, I have been having horrible luck with my air conditioner.

It has been having ongoing problems for quite some time now.

At first it was manageable but as of recently it has only gotten worse with time. The final straw was when I came home from work yesterday evening only to find a trail of water that led straight to the air conditioning unit. The A/C was leaking, and it was leaking badly. I really had been trying to avoid getting it fixed because of the cost of HVAC repair services but I knew at this point I was going to have no choice. The A/C had shut itself off and even when I went to the thermostat to turn it on it was now only turning on half the time. It was really struggling to work but I knew at this stage it was badly broken. I wasn’t sure what I would do as I couldn’t leave it broken but I also couldn’t afford the cost of a new one. When the heating and cooling technician came out and took a look at my A/C he gave me the bad news that I would be better off just purchasing a new one, because while I could pay the repair fees, it would be quite expensive due to the extent of the damage. I told the HVAC technician that I couldn’t afford a brand new air conditioner. The HVAC repairman was kind and helpful and he suggested to me that I sign up for one of their A/C care plans. It would help me with the costs. I signed up and I was lucky enough to be able to get a brand new air conditioner for much less than the normal price.

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