My grandmother got taken in by some “HVAC specialists”.

My grandmother is a trusting old lady who has always been sheltered either by her parents or my grandfather.

Sometimes she finds it hard fending for herself now that grandfather is gone, because she always wants to believe the best of people.

Just a couple of months ago, she got taken in by some supposed HVAC specialists. Two young men came to her door and offered my grandmother 25% off the installation of an HVAC upgrade and her old HVAC unit would be given to a family in need. My grandmother thought that was an excellent idea, because her old HVAC unit was already about ten years old and she liked to help those in need. She was assuming the new HVAC unit would soon pay for itself with reduced utility bills, especially at 25% off the original price. Well, it turns out that the HVAC unit wasn’t 25% off, only the installation was. Grandmother had to pay full price for the unit, and her old HVAC unit had still had life in it! I told Grandmother that she should have talked to me first. I would have done a little research on this company. I have never heard of installing used HVAC systems and I’m not sure that a reputable company would do that, even for the needy. What’s even worse, the HVAC unit came with no warranty, and it has started acting up already. These little “HVAC specialists” never even gave my grandmother a business card or a receipt. For all we know, this HVAC unit could be stolen. I guess we should report it.

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