My husband was nervous about speaking on career day.

My husband is an HVAC technician and has been for many years.

Recently, he was invited to speak at a local high school for career day.

My husband was honored, but horrified as well, because he doesn’t give speeches. He told me that speaking before a crowd terrified him, even a crowd of high school students, so I promised to help him prepare some notes. I told him to tell the students that HVAC training and certification takes about two years, to catch the attention of students not interested in a four year degree. I told him to explain the apprenticeship program and what he learned during his HVAC training and apprenticeship. I told my husband to mention to the students that an HVAC technician shouldn’t mind getting dirty or working outdoors, and that he needs to be good with his hands. I told my husband to explain the requirements to get into HVAC training and to get a job as an HVAC technician, like a high school diploma and a drivers’ license. I also thought that my husband should mention how much money an HVAC technician starts out making and how it can quickly build up if the technician stays with the same reputable company and how strong the career growth outlook was. I told my husband that after saying all that, he could take questions. I outlined his speech in clear notes that he could refer to and I made him practice it a few times. And things went great! My husband told me that quite a few of the kids were interested in becoming HVAC technicians and he was glad to help out.

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