My son wrote a paper about my husband’s HVAC career.

Our fifth grade son mentioned to us at dinnertime the other day that he had been given an assignment to interview someone who worked in a career that he may be interested in entering one day.

Since my husband is an HVAC technician, it’s safe to assume that my son would consider that as a career some day, and my husband was the perfect one to interview for this paper.

My husband told my son that he went to a technical college for almost two years for HVAC training and certification, and that he served an apprenticeship to practice what he learned under the guidance of a more experienced HVAC technician. My husband explained to my son the benefits of working for and staying with a single good company, the benefits available and how much money could be earned. We explained that where we live, HVAC technicians need continuing education to renew their license, which is good, because with HVAC technology changing daily, there is always something new to learn. We explained that to get into HVAC training school, you have to be a high school graduate or have a GED. An HVAC technician needs a drivers’ license and a clean driving record. Then my husband asked my son if he had any questions and my son had none. My son ended up getting a really good grade on his paper and the teacher even called and asked my husband to participate in career day. I’m glad things worked out so well, but, I wonder what would have happened if my husband had been unemployed?

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