It’s time to buy an air purification system.

I know that this pandemic is going to end soon.

It can’t go on forever.

It feels like I have been wearing these masks forever. Now that summer is here, the masks are even worse. I don’t want to complain because I know the masks are saving lives. I also know how hot and miserable it is when you have them on. You have the humidity of your own breathing, right in your face. This makes it even hotter. I just want to take it off and breathe. I did however, have a moment of clarity while in the grocery store with my mask. I started wondering how much damage all of this was doing to the air quality. I know how people are always trying to put more insulation so we don’t spend too much money on energy usage. This isn’t allowing for ventilation. Without ventilation, the same air is just being circulated throughout the house. Any germs or bacteria in the air, has nowhere to go. My insulation is such that the heat and air conditioning can’t escape and the heat and cold can’t seep into the house. This is why I wonder about all of the bad air in the house. If i could get an air purification system in the house, my air would be circulated through a UV light and air filter system, and clean air would come out. My problem is that my HVAC is older. I need to have a new HVAC system that has the capability of having UV lights and HEPA air filters installed. Now I have to consider the cost now that I know the cure.


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