Should we get a window AC unit?

When my husband and I retired, we made the decision to move south.

We wanted to get something small with only one spare room for visiting family and two bathrooms.

We found the nicest little house that even had an indoor patio. It was totally enclosed and I wanted to turn it into a breakfast room or maybe a meditation room. My husband agreed to the breakfast room. We had a lovely view of the ocean and it was the perfect place to start the day. Unfortunately, the sun coming into the room made it really hot, and the air conditioning wasn’t helping. We talked about what to do. We really thought we may be able to get window air conditioning, but we were unsure. We still had to consider what to do with the windows. When we talked to the HvAC company, they suggested a ductless HvAC system. He also said that since we already had a Smart Thermostat, we could always install smart blinds over the windows. The heat coming through the windows would cue the Smart Thermostat that it was time to lower or raise the blinds. They could even be done manually. The thermostat would be able to save money by doing it on a timer also. We were so glad to get the input of the HvAC contractor. He gave us a lot of information to help us cool our house and he even set up the appointments for the work. When we finally made our choice on air conditioning, the smart thermostat and blinds, he put in our order and told us we would have our system completed just in time for our daughter to visit.



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