The HVAC was the next victim.

It seems that when it rains it pours.

If one thing breaks, then it seems there is more to follow.

We had this happen in our church. We had a leak in the plumbing, which took up a lot of the funds we had in the till. After the plumbing was repaired, we had some problems with the sewage. The sewage was a big problem and we were now getting low on funds. When the lawn mower broke, we were about to cry. A week later, the minister came to us and he wasn’t smiling. We tried to avoid talking with him about anything but gossip. We were the group he had chosen to oversee the funds and there weren’t any left. That’s when he put up his hand and said we had to discuss this. I put my hands over my ears and said I didn’t want to talk and he could leave now. He took my hand away and told me to grow up. He needed a new HVAC system in the house. Theirs had quit working in the middle of the night. He called the HVAC company but he wanted to know what he was dealing with before there were any decisions made. I squinted at him and told him the bank was busted. He wasn’t sure what to say. He said the furnace was out at the end of the season and now the air conditioning was broken. He really needed a new HVAC system. We sent out requests to all of the congregations and told him which HVAC company to hire. He was a member of the congregation and hopefully we would be able to get a payment plan.

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