We have no-kill shelters all over the country now.

It seems that no-kill shelters have become just as plentiful as homeless shelters.

Sometimes I think they are more cared for than homeless shelters, but that is for another discussion.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a request for funding for the newest no-kill shelter. We were used to the funding for new kennels and equipment. This one also requested a new HVAC system. They wanted ductless HVAC for the kennels and central HVAC for the main shelter. They were also requesting an air purification system. I could understand the air purification system for the main shelter. There were a lot of animals inside that were being taken care of. Some of these animals had health issues and injuries. The odors could be overwhelming and the smells of the antiseptics and disinfectant could be harmful to the people. They also wanted air purification systems for the kennels. The kennels were already shelter from the weather. They had enclosures so they weren’t out in the sun and the animals got fed regularly along with having water available at all times. I couldn’t understand the air purification since it was mostly outdoors. I didn’t understand ductless HVAC for the kennels since they were mostly outdoors. We were told it was for the adopting parents. They wanted them to be comfortable while choosing who they wanted to be parents to. I showed the application to the rest of the members of our small committee. They shook their heads uinsure of what they wanted to do. I knew we were going to approve HvAC and air purifiers for the main compound. I really didn’t think they were going to get HVAC and air purifiers for the outdoors kennels.

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