What is the main goal?

When you have things to do, you first set up a list.

After setting up your list of things to do and setting up the priorities. Then you need to set your goals. What is the most important thing in each category that you must complete? I thought I had everything set up. My first goal was to get my teaching certification. I knew I could accomplish this by getting good grades in college and getting my master’s. Once I was working on my master’s, I wanted to have my own home. I had to have money in the bank and have a good job before I could do this. I wasn’t sure I could do all of this, but I was going to try. I started working in my dad’s HvAC company and I was having a lot of fun. He was an HvAC contractor and he was always working with new builds. I was finding that maybe I should reset my career goal and back up a bit. I was making good money being an HvAC technician. I was loving working with dad and helping people. I couldn’t believe how much I was learning. There were a lot of new enforcement codes to learn and I was learning. I didn’t know that they had made HvAC a part of the codes. Whenever a new building was erected, it had to have heating and air conditioning. Dad told me that along with the heating and air conditioning, they were now mandating the addition of an air purification system. I used to think that dad only had a job, but now I know how important it is, and I want to stay with HVAC instead of teaching.



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